VIT ceramics, kiln view, kri kri studio, Seattle
a view of the inside

…mulling over the word “fabric”, which means factory in Swedish and suggests fabrication in English. In English, fabric means cloth and can imply weaving. These ideas circulate in my mind as I unload my latest bisque firing. The “fabrik”, ie. the small factory that is Kri Kri Studio, is back in full gear since taking a break over the winter holidays. With just a short amount of time to fill a large order for the Seattle Art Museum’s gift shop, I have been “fabricating” everyday since I returned from the UK. Kri Kri bowls and “Smile cups” will complement the upcoming Miro exhibit which opens there in February. Also in the works are vases for shops thinking ahead to spring and a push to finish all the heart plates so that they will be ready ship and to serve up some love on Valentine’s Day.

The more I think about it, the more it reminds me of the year I spent weaving in Sweden. By varying colors and shifting shapes, I am weaving together the seasons with ceramics. Over the course of the year a textured tapestry of wares is fabricated. Images of food and fashion inspire me as I flip through magazines on my lunch break, munching my salad and feasting on fantasy. I ponder over which glazes will make particular dishes most appetizing. I think that photo shoot in Cuba has precisely the mood I would like to capture. Is it just that particular shade of yellow which gives it that feeling? Then, the factory calls me back to repeat the production cycle. I am stimulated to continue approaching my work with enthusiasm for process and to be creative. It’s OK. I love it. This is my passion!


Simple beauty

VIT ceramics, bowl vase, taupe, Danish blue, cyclamen, handmade pottery, Kri Kri Studio, Seattle
VIT ceramics bowl vase, danish blue with cyclamen

It is really easy to make a classy statement with the VIT bowl vase. Short in stature and full in body, it happily hosts a proper bouquet. It is also the perfect size for a 4″, potted plant. (5″ tall x 7.5″ wide)
Potted cyclamens can be found in almost every supermarket this time of year. I chose the white one because it was so pure and pristine. I plopped the pot straight into the Danish blue vase for an instant and elegant result. An equally pleasing combination had white flowers in a taupe vase with graceful, snow bright buds hovering above deep green foliage. Very uplifting!

A pink cyclamen at the store had pale blossoms, hinting of cerise, and was ever so tempting. Those dainty petals beckoned me like sirens’ whispers. But, in the end it was two plants with white flowers that came home with me. I kept one for myself. The second found a nesting place in a jade green VIT bowl vase and went on as a hostess gift. The plants may be re-planted in the garden when spring arrives. The recipient will however, will have her own bowl vase to play with, to plop pots of plants into or to fill with proper bouquets.