Paris in the spring

VIT ceramics, bud vase, French blue, Paris, Terra Bella Flowers

Can’t make it to Paris this spring? Option 2: Invite spring into your home instead with fresh flowers!

Like fresh flowers, new colors announce “Spring is here”. In Seattle the forsythia has nearly run its course. Now its flowering cherry trees that are exploding into soft pink clouds. In the studio familiar vase shapes are emerging from the kiln in a lovely rich pastel blue.
Not only does this new color do a fantastic job as a stand alone shade, it injects fresh energy to the palette of standard VIT colors. When combined with red and gray the look is sporty and very French.

VIT creamics, bud vases, red, gray, blue, kri kri studio
Sporty combo

Replace gray with yellow and renew your love of primary classics.

Bud vase, primary colors, creamic, kri kri studio
VIT bud vase cluster in primary colors


Pairing the new blue with jade green evokes either a tropical water vibe or the gentle calm of a forest floor. The colors are clean. Very “spring”.

VIT ceramics, bubble vase, blue green vase, daffodils, kri kri studio, Seattle
Bubble vases with daffodils

Release your own Spring energies: clip, combine, create!

Bubbles blew as the purple bearded Bubble Man entranced a wreath of children encircling him. After his departure, it was trumpets and trombones blowing while I chatted with the passers by at the Greenwood Art Walk on Friday evening. It couldn’t have been a more perfect night! Mellissa Feveyear, owner of Terra Bella Flowers invited me to display my vases outside the shop. She took a break to come outside and enjoy a bit of sing along with Gary and a few others too. Balmy air and warm light created a relaxed, friendly mood and a strong sense of community!

Art Walk

VIT, vase, ceramic, handmade, bouquet, stripes, terra bella,
VIT ceramic vase with bouquet from Terra Bella Flowers

Last week I finally met my new neighbor, Melissa Feveyear. Her shop, Terra Bella Flowers, recently re-located to the corner of Greenwood and N 74th. Street. With a background in environmental studies, Melissa is a founding member of the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, so one can be assured that all flowers in her stunning arrangements are locally, sustainably grown.
One thing led to another. Now, my line of VIT ceramic vases will be featured at the Art Walk this coming Friday, August 9th.
From 6:00 until 10:00PM, Greenwood Ave. will be closed to car traffic. If the weather is obliging, one can be assured that the streets will be buzzing with people checking out the displays of local artists in many of the local establishments and just having a good time being out and about on a summer evening on Phinney Ridge.
Friday evening I will have a table in front of Terra Bella Flowers selling new vases from VIT ceramics.
Outside Terra Bella Flowers, the planters are over flowing with juicy orange begonias and fat, silvery succulents. This past week there have been bundles of wispy birches gracing the entry. It hard to miss this alluring venue as I pass it daily on my way to Kri Kri Studio. Inside, the inviting shade of peach and the woodsy scent of flowers and foliage filling the air creates a calm and creative environment. Vases, pots and unique vessels for displaying flowers also inspire the customer to enrich their environment with plants.
After Friday, you can find my new VIT vase collection inside the shop. Please come by to say “Hi” and to welcome Terra Bella Flowers to the neighborhood.